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Window decals are one of the most effective traditional advertising tactics that will help you capture customers’ attention to your store. The window decals will motivate the customers to visit your store. This way, you can increase your brand’s foot traffic and exposure. 

However, the window decals will prove ineffective if they fail to capture people’s attention. This is why you need to pay close attention while designing the window decals. The design of the window decals will determine whether your business is standing apart from the crowd or not. 

Many business owners make mistakes while designing their window decals. They either choose an irrelevant design or make grammatical mistakes. Remember that making mistakes while designing the window decals will affect their effectiveness. Here are the top 3 great tips for designing eye-catching window decals. 

Consider the Types

The first thing you need to do is to determine which window decals you want to use for your designing purposes. As there are different window decals available in the market, it’s possible to become overwhelmed. Therefore, the first design tip is to choose a relevant window decal type according to your objectives and usage. 

You can use the traditional vinyl window decals to include color, text, and graphics. However, there are other unique options you can also consider. Frosted vinyl decals will implement a distorted appearance to the glass windows. They will also add privacy. You can also purchase one-way window decals that can be seen from the inside but not from the outside. Therefore, your customers can still look out the window. 

Start with Your Branding 

Branding is undoubtedly one of the most critical factors of any business. Without proper branding, marketers can neither promote their offerings nor expand the revenue of the company. As per Level up Growth, revenue growth is essential for your business. As a business owner, you want the potential customers to generate a branded experience upon looking at the storefront on your business. Therefore, it’s essential to start with branding or brand identity. Make sure the window decals are big enough to capture more attention easily. Not to mention, the window decals can also boost your brand’s exposure. This way, more customers can know about your business. Don’t forget to include the slogan and logo of your business. Make sure you use appropriate font and design while adding logo and slogan. This will help them become the focal point of your window decals. 

Use Contrasting Color 

One of the best advantages of window decals is that you can customize them as you want. Unlike some other traditional marketing techniques, you can apply as many customized as per the requirement of your business. 

You can use any color you want on the window decals. However, make sure you’re not limiting your creativity by only using the brand colors. Adding other colors will help your window decals stand apart from the crowd. However, make sure you choose a relevant color for the brand image. Otherwise, your customers will face difficulty recognizing your brand. 


These are the top 3 window decal designing tips you need to know. As mentioned earlier, designing unique and creative window decals is extremely important. By following these tips, you can design the best window decals for your business. 

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