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A cowgirl hat symbolizes the West, and it’s an accessory that will always stay in style. Wearing a great hat paired with your favorite outfit can help you look like you stepped straight out of classic cowgirl films. But while they look great, they also have to be properly cared for to maintain their shape and color. If you owe these classic hats, then you must be facing trouble to find the right way to clean your hats and maintain their shine as long as possible.


These hats are generally made of leather and straw, making it crucial to maintain precaution while washing. Using harsh soaps and shampoos may damage the material or dull the hat’s appearance and color. The washing method also changes for different hats based on the type of material used. Here’s a complete guide to clean your cowgirl hats to maintain them in the best shape possible


How To Clean Straw Hat?


The straw hat is a great alternative to the leather hat. These hats are generally finer and more comfortable than leather. However, they should also be properly cared for to maintain their shape and color without any damage. Straw cowgirl hat is usually made of bamboo or palm fibers, making it crucial to maintain precaution while washing. While gentle soap can be used, it doesn’t mean that you should use anything you want on your straw hat.


While these hats are generally very light and do not need industrial strength detergents, you still should make sure that you’re washing them with appropriate mild soaps or cleaners specially formulated for cleaning straw hats. Soak your hat in cold water for approximately 10 minutes to remove any dirt and particles that may have built up. Then, you can use a soft brush to lightly brush the dirt off the surface of your hat. Let it dry under shade, and you are all set.


Use Special Washing Agents


The raw material of a cowgirl hat is quite strong, which is why you should use special cleaning solutions for your cowgirl hats. Use an industrial-strength washing solution that contains no additives for leather chaps, leather belts, and genuine leather shoes. Wearing these types of cowgirl hats may cause serious damage to the hat’s accessories and material if not cared in the first place.


Properly soak your hat in cold water to bring out the dirt and oils, then let it sit for 5 minutes so that it can soak up the dirt and oils. You should also use a brush to lightly brush away loose particles on the surface before washing special shampoo to prevent damaging its shape or texture.


How To Dry A Wet Cowgirl Hat?


Drying a wet cowgirl hat should be done properly without damaging the material. Ensure that you dry your hat in a room with adequate ventilation to prevent moisture from building up. If possible, you can let it sit for two days in a drafty room to let it air out naturally and properly dry before packing it away.


Properly dry your straw hat without causing damage or scuffing the material’s surface as well. You can use a hairdryer to gently blow away any loose particles that may have gathered on the surface. Avoid warm temperatures and direct sunlight when drying it to prevent color fading and discoloration.


Basic Caring Tips To Keep Your Cowgirl Hats In The Best Shape


You must keep your cowgirl hat in its best shape to enjoy its classic look and appearance as long as possible. Here’s a list of basic caring tips to follow:


  • Remove any dust or dirt from the hat immediately after you wear it. Then, you can use a soft brush and vacuum to clean it up properly.
  • If you accidentally get your hat wet, then let it sit for a day before putting it away in the closet or letting it have time to dry out naturally.
  • Protect your hat from extreme temperatures as well as sunlight. Store away from heat sources or expose them left in direct sunlight for long periods before storing them away.
  • Stay away from applying any chemicals, conditioners, and polishes on the cowgirl hats since this will only damage the material used in making these great hats.
  • Store your cowgirl hat away from harsh chemicals such as soaps and shampoos, as well as other delicate materials that can damage or discolor the material.
  • Take good care of your cowgirl hat, and it will take good care of you. In other words, take good care of your cowgirl hat, and it will last a lifetime.
  • If you have an expensive cowgirl hat, always hand-wash it with water that is not too hot or wet so that the fabric will not get damaged. But if it becomes wet, dry it immediately using towels or soft cloths to avoid damage to your hat as well as your clothing.
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