Smart TVs
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With the ubiquitous streaming services available today, people are continuously searching for new and exciting ways to partake.

Some stream from tablets, some stream from iPhones, and some are taking advantage of smart TVs.

TVs have been around for a long time and kind of fell out of popularity with the advent of mobile and portable devices.

The hope is that smart TVs are going to put the industry back on the map.

This doesn’t mean run out and blindly invest right away.

Before you stick a few hundred dollars into something you know nothing about, you should take a few minutes to inform yourself.

At the very least, you’ll be a more informed consumer.

You might be surprised to hear it, but smart TVs come with distinct advantages and disadvantages.

What Is A Smart TV

It is possible that you haven’t even heard about smart TVs.

That’s completely fine, but there is a lot to learn.

When someone mentions a smart TV, they are simply referring to a TV with interactive features.

These features would be similar to the ones you could indulge in with an Internet-capable device.

Think live streaming, searching, and all the connectivity you could ever desire.

You are basically looking at a TV with its very own operating system.

These systems are commonly referred to as connected TVs or hybrid TVs.

It’s possible you’ve heard these terms but failed to make the connection.

With a smart TV, you would be able to stream video from sources like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

These systems can even be augmented with cable and gaming systems.

You’ll be able to scroll or navigate through screens, search for content, and nearly do everything you could do with a computer or laptop.

Understanding The Disadvantages

From what you just learned about smart TVs; you can easily see how many would think of them as a must-have for their man caves or living rooms.

However, it is important to note there are also some downsides associated with these devices.

Take the limited security for instance

The Internet has become one of the most dangerous places in the world, and it is now more important than ever to use caution when partaking.

Anti-virus software has come a long way in the past few years, but so have hackers and schemers.

There are risks right around every corner. Unfortunately, this will be even more so true for smart TVs, given that they are voice-enabled, track searching and viewing information, and are continuously connected.

It might not seem like a big deal, but it is something that should be taken seriously.

This is just to mention one of the downsides.

There are more like cost, Internet dependability, limited reliability, and the lack of apps with certain manufacturers.

Understanding The Advantages

While the above might have been a big eye-opener, you need not fear because there are plenty of justifications to splurge for that new smart TV.

The perfect example of the capabilities of these devices is the programming.

These TVs feature options and functions that allow you to take your TV viewing experience into your own hands.

You can create programming schedules for watching what you want when you want.

You can block any unwanted content, and you can virtually do whatever you want streaming-wise.

Although this is one of the more well-known features, there are plenty more for users to take advantage of.

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