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Christopher Gardner’s love story started in the 1970s, when he met Jackie Medina, a dental student. While they were still married, Chris and Jackie began dating and eventually had a son on January 28, 1981. As a child, Chris always dreamed of becoming a doctor. But, because of his financial circumstances, he could not pursue his dream. He began working as a research lab assistant in a medical school, earning eight thousand dollars a year.


His relationship with Jackie Medina began when his wife, Sherry, found out he was pregnant. Gardner moved in with Jackie after she became pregnant with his baby. The marriage ended in divorce in 1986. He and Jackie have two children together: Christopher Jarrett Gardner Jr. and Sherry Medina, their daughter. In his early years, the couple were in love, and Chris and Jackie had many fights. The two eventually separated, and they had a son, a daughter, and a son.


Despite the troubles with his marriage, Gardner and Jackie had an affair. When he found out that his hiring manager had been fired only a week before, he tried to take back Chris Jr., but Jackie refused. She threw him into the garden bushes, scratching him. When he found out, he attempted to beat up Jackie, causing her to suffer physical injury.

Divorced Sherry

After his wife’s disappearance, Chris Gardner had an affair with a female medical student named Jackie Medina. She was pregnant with her child, and Gardner moved in with her. After he divorced Sherry, the couple raised two children together, Christopher Jarrett Gardner Jr., who was born on 28 January 1981. After the split, Chris and Jackie were left homeless for several months. Eventually, they managed to save up money and rent a home in Berkeley.

Life story

His life story has been quite interesting. He is a self-made businessman who is passionate about helping people reach their goals. His father was a self-made man who grew up in an impoverished neighborhood. Their love story is a success story. The story of Jackie and her mother’s relationship is inspiring. Despite a divorce, she has two kids.

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After his marriage, he had several affairs. In the 1980s, he married a math professor. He later married a young woman named Jackie. She became pregnant with her husband’s child and they lived together. In the year 1981, Chris Gardner and Jackie had their first child, a boy. In the following years, they had a daughter. However, the relationship ended after the couple separated.

Difficult childhood

Despite his difficult childhood, he has become a successful businessman. He is also a dedicated father and has two children with Jackie. He was the co-founder and CEO of a fitness company called pursuFIT. Throughout his career, he has written relevant information on his LinkedIn profile. But he is perhaps best known for his role as a motivational speaker.

Troubled childhood

Despite his troubled childhood, Chris Gardner is a successful entrepreneur. He co-founded a fitness company, pursuFIT, and has been a keynote speaker at numerous events and conferences. Interestingly, despite his difficulties and many pitfalls, he continues to have a positive impact on the lives of many people. Even though his family had been broken up, he is now a successful entrepreneur in a competitive industry.

His divorce

After he became a medical student, he got pregnant and married a mathematics professor. He was able to pursue his dream and become a physician. After his divorce, he married Jackie and had two children. The first, Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner, Jr., was born on 28 January 1981. He had a daughter with Jackie four years later.

Final Words:

His business ventures have also led to the creation of thousands of jobs. He is currently a board member of the National Education Foundation and has sponsored two annual educational awards. He is a self-made businessman and a successful motivational speaker. His father and mother are very supportive and encouraging. They helped their son reach his goals and inspire him to achieve more. The Gardners are the founders of an African fitness company and their sons are the CEO of a worldwide organization.

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