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The modern digital era in which we live has subjected us to be dependent on digital mediums considerably. Although there is some scope to bring down the dependence, reliance on digital mediums cannot be completely done away with. There are certain situations in which taking the help of digitalisation is the best possible option. Digital screens are a necessity in this fast-moving modern world.

Talking about digital screens, the exposure to them has brought about certain health concerns at the forefront. One of the dominative health concerns is the impact of digital screeon our eyes. Here we will discuss the effects of blue light on the eyes and to what extent blue light blocker glasses help.ns  Read on!


What is blue light?


Blue light is a component in the visible spectrum of light that lies towards the higher frequency end. The spectrum of light that is visible to the naked eye is known as the visible spectrum.


There are lots of sources of blue light, the sun being the largest and the only natural source. Other sources are artificial and include LED lights, fluorescent lamps, digital screens, among others. The source that is under extensive scrutiny is digital screens, considering the increasing screen time of the general public. 


Does blue light harm the eyes?


For the proper functioning of our body, blue light is actually needed. But there is a condition to this. The blue light that one is exposed to should be in the right amount and also at the right time. 


If the above-mentioned condition is satisfied, blue light is crucial to keep our circadian rhythm aligned. For those who don’t know what circadian rhythm is, it is the natural sleep and wake cycle of the body. It is also proven to alleviate our mood and keep us active.


But there are certain conditions in which blue light might be harmful for your eyes. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • When the exposure exceeds a certain threshold, i.e, in the case of excessive exposure.
  • When there is a significant exposure towards the end of the day, mainly after sunset and before sleep time.
  • When the exposure is under dim light conditions such as a poorly lighted room.


In the above-mentioned conditions, blue light exposure can cause conditions like dry eyes, blurry vision, headaches, fatigue, etc. 


Is blue light blocker glasses the solution?


Last week, while looking for glasses online in the UK, I also came across blue light glasses. Considering the scale at which they are being sold over the online medium, it is very simple to make out that it is already a hit among the public. But do blue light blocking glasses really serve their intended purpose – protecting our eyes from the harmful impacts of blue light? 


Blue light blocking glasses have a coating applied to their lenses. The function of this coating is to block the blue light falling on the lens surface from striking the eyes. And once the blue light is prevented from striking your eyes, the possible harmful impacts are automatically eliminated. Hence, blue light blocking glasses are indeed effective.


If you have a significant exposure to blue light, you need to make an upgrade to blue light blocking glasses. You can buy them online to reap the amazing benefits that online glasses provide. There are certain things that you need to consider while buying blue light glasses online. Here they are!


Eye Test


There are certain online sites that conduct eye tests for everyone. Before buying your blue light blocking glasses, it is advisable that you get your eye tested so that if there is a need for prescription, you will get to know beforehand. Also getting your eyes tested frequently is a healthy thing to do. 


There are certain online sites providing the service of free eye test. If the eye test suggests that you need a prescription, you can get your blue light blocking glasses with the exact prescription. 


Reglaze Glasses


Reglaze glasses have made wearing glasses more affordable, as here just the lenses of your existing pair are exchanged and the frame remains the same.

If you want your existing pair – both prescription and non-prescription –  to be upgraded to blue light blocking glasses, you can send it for reglazing. This is definitely an affordable upgrade to make.


Home Trial


Before finalising your pair of blue light glasses, you can try them from the comforts of your home by availing the home trial service. In fact, you can even try them by sitting in front of a screen to check out the difference. At most sites, this service comes at no added cost. So make it a point to try your blue light glasses before you buy them.

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