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Engraving is a technique of making prints on metal plates. TheCutting tool used in engraving is called a burin. Engraving metal is also known as copperplate engraving. Hand engraving is done  with  small steel graver where pieces of art are created using engraving machines.

Engraving :

Engraving is an art to inscribe or create a pattern on surface. Carve a three dimensional picture with engraved carving from solid pattern. Engraving tools that made on hardened steel with are miniature chisels. They are chip forming tools which is done with a sharpened tool.  Steel engraving is used for printing illustrations. It is based on steel instead of copper. It is used in artistic printmaking.

An engraving uses engraved printing plate used for printing purpose . In lithographic printing signs is engraved through a water soluble product. It is ground on the stone and plate. Engraving is an intaglio printmaking process. In which line are cut into a metal plate for holding the ink. Carving is done with handheld metal engraving machine.

The circuit engraving tool is used for engraving. The Cricut engraving tip engraves soft metals, acrylic, leather, paper, and plastic. There are laser etching metal can be used at home with low power lasers.

Laser engraving :

Laser engraving is a process that vaporizes material into permanent deep marks. The laser beam removing layers and surface of material by using a chisel.The laser hits the localized area with massive level of energy. Aluminum is one of the common materials in modern manufacturing. Laser marking results in precise detail. It lasts longer than traditional engraving. There is a basic difference between laser etching and laser engraving. Engraving removes material to create marks. Both process use high heat to create a permeant marking on the metal. There are2W laser that can work with spot of light and uses as 0.1mm for wood engraving.

There are machines like Dot Pin marker that is compact and economical.It is used for high flexibility and convenience. It has a bracket basement for stable support. It has compact structure for industrial environment. It has an imported stepper motor for increased stability. It has low consumption and operating costs. The handheld HSPC03 is a hand held dot peen marking machine. It is specifically used for marking metals. It has a CNC controller and build in software that makes operation easy. The handheld engraving machine can make high quality graphics outlines and design.

The hand held engraving machine is used in electronics, metal processing, in Aerospace technologies, medical equipment and vehicle production. It can engrave on different metal types like aluminum copper, steel. It has a heat sign that is used of engraving design of different metal. The Vehicle Identification number, time and date, all english letter and characters , logos graphics and symbols, security codes are engraved on metals. The machine is designed for marking large and heavy metal parts. It can create clear permanent marks on your products. It is lightweight and easily portable. It has a marking speed from 30 to 40 mm. It has increased stepper motor for increased stability. Create design pattern on metals with Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine.

They are used on all kinds of metal and can engrave beautiful design patterns on any metal surfaces. Laser etching metals can be possibly done at home and it is simple and easy to work with. Stainless steel, copper and aluminum are the places where engraving can be done with portable machines. Drypoint print uses pointed needle like instruments for making design drawn on plate. Laser engraving is method that vaporizes materials to engrave permanent marks. The laser beam acts like a chisel and thereby creating marks on localized area.

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