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Black, white, or colored, plain t-shirts can do wonders to your look and you can create a fashion statement by pairing it up with the right bottom wear. At a first glance, plain t shirts might not look very appealing, but they can be worn to look smart and fashionable.

Available in diverse colors, plain t shirts can be worn on every occasion and reflect different personalities suiting the occasion. Plain t shirts are thus an amazing part of every wardrobe. 

Here are some style guides for rocking a plain t-shirt.

Color of the T Shirt

Choosing the right colored plain tee will help you rock your look. There are a variety of colors and brands of plain tees available. However, choosing the right color is important. Some colors like black, grey, navy blue, and white never go out of style and can be worn on any occasion provided you are pairing it with the right bottom wear and other apparel. 

Having said that, you can choose to wear light colored t-shirts for the summer days and dark ones that better absorb the heat on colder days. Apart from that, you can wear dark colored tees for late night parties. 

The Bottom Wears

The right bottom wear is necessary to give that rocking look you deserve while wearing a plain t shirt. In many cases, a slim fit jeans will give you that look. You can choose the color of your bottom wear from denim to black to anything that suits you best. 

Girls can go for short skirts or shorts with a plain t shirt for the perfect summer noon. It’s better to wear light colored bottom wear with darker tees and vice versa. 

You also need to choose the right shoes; sneakers or a pair of heels to complete your look and style yourself the way you want for the occasion. 

If you are wearing a plain t shirt for casual wear, a nice pair of boots will give you the look you deserve. 

Keep Things Simple

A plain t-shirt always reflects simplicity and you don’t want to ruin that classic simplicity by overdoing things. So, choose your accessories wisely because overdoing with a lot of unnecessary accessories can ruin your look and contradict your personality. Choose accessories to complement your overall look. 

A Plain T Shirt Offers You Versatility 

With the right pairing, a plain t shirt gives you the freedom for different styling. You can wear a contrasting shirt over a plain t-shirt or glam up your look by wearing a leather jacket. You can also use varied bottom wears: from white jeans to short skirts. 

So, this is how you can make yourself look classic and trendy at the same time by wearing plain t shirts. If you love the thought of wearing plain t-shirts and bring out a simple and classic look, you can always get the best from Ozywear. You can get the best quality plain t shirts and other apparels from us at a competitive and affordable

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