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Poker’s popularity is time-tested, being a mainstay game around the world — and one that is only getting bigger. According to a gaming market report on Yahoo.com, the global poker market will grow from $123.4 billion in 2020 to $153.2 billion by 2026. A huge factor of this is the technological innovations being integrated into the poker industry. Not only does digitizing the poker experience enhance accessibility for even more players, but it also improves the gaming and learning experience, bridging people from across the globe to engage in the game.

Here are some of the most innovative ways that technology is helping the poker scene thrive.

  • Online poker
  • Poker has always been globally popular, but the advancement of technology has boosted accessibility even further by saving people a trip to the casinos. Poker.org outlines how online poker involves real money much like its on-site version, with players being able to spend their deposits to play cash games or poker tournaments. It also offers ample opportunity to enhance your skills, as it offers a variety of games and lets you play multiple ones at a time. Best of all, perhaps, is that it’s easier to enter tournaments even when you’re willing to pay only a small buy-in. This gives you plenty of opportunities to win cash from the comfort of your home.
  • Formerly, online poker could only be played on computers. But now, the most popular online poker sites like WSOP.com and Partypoker are now available on mobile devices, so even those on the go can play.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

As a decentralized asset that is created and traded on the blockchain, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been groundbreaking in terms of enhancing security and efficiency in transactions. It’s no wonder that the poker industry is now incorporating Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, into the poker experience. Some online casinos like Ignition Poker and Bovada are now allowing players to make transactions with crypto, enhancing the reliability of payments. Additionally, paying in crypto allows players to maintain anonymous participation without compromising security.

  • Virtual Reality
  • Although online poker sites have been in the mainstream for years, there are still experiences in physical casinos that the game can’t replicate. One of the rising trends in online poker is the incorporation of VR to bring those elements into the online poker gaming experience. VR allows players to physically sit down at the table with other players as the game plays out in real-time before their eyes. It also allows non-players to get a 3D realistic view of the game from the sides, further recreating the thrill of physical poker games. Popular poker sites like PokerStars now offer VR real money poker games, along with many others, giving this groundbreaking trend an optimistic outlook for growth.
  • AI-Powered Trackers and HUDs
  • As online poker continues to soar in popularity, its players continue to take advantage of learning experiences thanks to the technological innovations being offered for the game, such as AI-powered trackers and heads-up displays (HUD).
  • Poker tracking software like Poker Tracker and Hold’em Manager allow players to track their opponents’ movements, while the HUD converts this information into a digestible format. These tools assist players in optimizing their gameplay strategies and maximizing in-game opportunities by analyzing their moves. Now, as AI is integrated into the mix, these tools are getting smarter and becoming more effective at providing suggestions to players.
  • Technology is making the world of poker an even more dynamic experience, bringing the digital gaming experience closer to the physical experience of casinos and beyond. By integrating the latest technological innovations available, the industry is elevating the poker experience and bridging people across the world to play together.
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