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With thousands of trending diets and superfoods crossing our eyes on social media, knowing what to incorporate into your lifestyle can be tricky. However, let’s not forget that there are always experts in every walk of life, and you can rely on their expertise. One such immensely talented, knowledgeable, and expert food blogger and former professional chef, Sylvia Fountaine, has managed to grasp the attention of healthy eaters. Almost everybody who cares about healthy, wholesome food and leading a well-nourished life knows her. 

Sylvia is a healthy food influencer whose mission is to provide her skills as a chef to people all across the world. As someone who owned and ran a  vegetarian restaurant and a fully-functional catering business for over twenty years, she knows what it is to serve and bring joy to the tables. Today, she uses her acquired expertise to reach out to a whole new world and engage with a much bigger audience. While people are not that lucky to taste her hand-cooked food anymore, they have the chance to learn the best cooking tips, tricks, and nutritious recipes to curb all healthy food cravings. 

Sylvia’s food philosophy

Chef Sylvia has a unique food philosophy. She aims for meal plans that are a fine mix of health and taste and says that “I don’t judge or label foods as good or bad. I simply try to eat foods that make me feel energetic, alive, light, and joyful. These are usually plants!”

An advocate of real, whole-food, and plant-rich recipes, she teaches her audience to enjoy the freshest produce by purchasing only local, seasonal produce and also trying their hands at cooking global recipes. “As a chef, what inspires me most is seasonal, local produce. This is because local produce, grown in its true season, is as close to YOU as possible,” says Sylvia.

Being married to a carnivore, Sylvia does not believe in limiting meal plans and loves to be creative with adaptable meal plans. She says, “Know that I will never try to convince you to eat one way or another… what you eat is your business! I understand there are many paths to health.”

And lastly, her idea of healthy eating also includes soulful, comfort food recipes that may not seem healthy on the surface but are comforting on a soul level. Her meal plans are adaptable, and while resonating with her love for plant-based, healthy foods, they are not confined to a single type. Sylvia loves to travel and explore cultures and cuisines, and her food blog shows just that – a beautiful collection of healthy recipes from all over the world.

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