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Whoever is happy will make others happy. – Anne Frank

There are many empowered influencers and professionals revolutionizing trends and impacting behaviors. If you are sick and tired of following shallow influencers and social media celebrities, it is time to upgrade your choice and follow Dr. Ketam Hamdan. She uses her life’s work as a psychologist and brain therapist to create enlightening content that is easy to digest and understand on social media. She engages her audience to understand the brain and behaviors better while inspiring positive changes in lives. 

Dr. Hamdan is a world-class certified therapist, speaker, and educator. She is making exceptional contributions to psychology through her knowledge of brain science, leadership, and spirituality. Dr. Hamdan runs her private brain health center, where she helps people transform into higher versions of themselves and learn how to lead meaningful lives. She is also the co-founder and Managing Director of Annisa’s Mental Health, a non-profit organization that works with Muslims in crisis. 

Dr. Hamdan is informally known as the Director of Happiness amongst her colleagues. She regularly gives them lessons on mental health using brain health and science. She believes in training herself and those she works with first and foremost. Her close associates say that her teachings on happiness help repair the part that breaks each day when tragic family stories are revealed to them. 

According to Dr. Hamdan, understanding our brain and nervous system provides us with a clear understanding of what we need to work on to heal. She loves to show people what happens to their brain when they meditate or are practicing mindfulness. Most of us do not understand ourselves, we constantly look outside for understanding. The science of the brain provides us with concrete insight on what really works to rewire the brain for happiness- a state of internal peace. She says humans chase happiness in superficial ways, such as acquiring fancy titles, material goods, and praise to feel worthy. We are rarely taught how to harness and develop genuine, more sustainable happiness from within. She teaches her clients, colleagues, and followers the process of acquiring inner contentment through whole person healing that entails many tools, such as therapy, brain science, exercise, healthy eating, meditation, sleep, writing, etc. 

Recognizing the importance of using brain science and promoting its use, she says, “Psychiatry and psychology do not use the organ that they are meant to treat, which is the brain. That’s why I became passionate about learning how to do brain assessments, using EEGs. Otherwise we are just shooting arrows in the dark and not really knowing what we are treating. Thanks to the advances of neuroscience, we can have more solid scientific brain insight into what is happening in someone’s brain and hinder them from living a happier and more fulfilling life.”

Neuroscientists have shown the benefit of using EEG as a tool that can display the brain’s inner workings and help professionals gain a different understanding of someone’s issues.

“For example, after the initial consultation and performing a psychological assessment, you may have concluded that you should work to improve your clients’ attention. However, during the EEG brain health assessment, you may realize that a client’s brain also shows signs of trauma impact. This important finding would change the treatment plan. For instance, many people who have experienced trauma either don’t remember details of the events or may find it too overwhelming to recall the experience and talk about it. They may not be psychologically prepared for talk therapy. So different interventions need to be used, which results in a different treatment plan.”

A brain science genius, you can check out Dr. Hamdan’s Instagram handle @brainhealthdoc to learn more about her efforts to create a positive impact

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