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In order to grow your following on TikTok, it is necessary to keep the list of followers on a constant growth rate. Thankfully, there are free tools available to help you with this task. By using a TikTok follower growth tracker, you can keep track of your followers’ growth, identify trends, and decide what kind of content to create to reach the widest possible audience. The goal is to continually grow your following list until you’ve reached the number of followers you desire.

Unfollowing a user on TikTok

There are a few ways you can unfollow a user on TikTok, depending on what their behavior has been like on the social video sharing website. The first way is to tap the figurehead icon in the lower right corner of the screen. This will open up the user’s profile page. Next, tap the following button next to the user’s name. When you unfollow a user, the following button will change to “Follow”.

Another method is to click the “unfollow” button on the profile of the user you want to unfollow. This method is best for people who frequently interact with the same people, and it’s easier than you might think. After you click the unfollow button, the user will not know that you’ve unfollowed them. Once the unfollow is complete, the user will be removed from your following list. However, you can still follow them again to continue communicating with them.

Alternatively, you can open the “Unfollow” button from the top menu in your TikTok app. Clicking the button will display a list of users who follow you. You can also view their videos by searching for their names in the search bar. You can also tap on the + icon to follow them. By doing this, you’ll be able to see their latest videos.

Checking your follower count

You can check your follower count on TikTok by tapping the little silhouette in the lower right corner of the home screen. Next, click on the three dots in the vertical line to open the profile options. Then, toggle “Show Full Follower Count” on and you’ll be able to see the number of people who are following you.

The first step in increasing your TikTok follower count is to interact with other users and share your content with them. Try to find videos that you find interesting and follow the creators of those videos. Then, write engaging comments to engage your followers and monitor your comment streams.

Another way to check your follower count is to visit the “TikTok counter”, which displays the number of followers on a live basis. It’s a useful tool that allows you to compare yourself to other TikTokers, and discover new users to follow. Another benefit of this tool is that it’s free and you can use it from any computer.

Unfollowing a user one at a time

To unfollow a user, you need to open their profile and tap the “Unfollow” button. This will then remove them from your followers list. The process takes a few seconds. If you do not wish to follow someone, you can also block them. This means that all of their messages will be hidden and you will not be able to find them using the search bar.

You can also use the TikTok application to automate the unfollowing process. FuelTok is one of the most popular applications for this purpose, and it does not violate the TikTok algorithm. The app will also let you schedule follow-unfollow sessions and automatically follow users that you want to follow. Other popular apps include Jarvee, a social media automation software that provides services for a number of social media apps. Another option is Socialpire, a service that emulates human behavior and enables users to automate their social media activities. However, it is not free and requires a small fee.

To unfollow a user, open his or her profile. You can do this by tapping the icon with the user’s avatar or the magnifying glass. Alternatively, you can tap the “For You” icon to search for a specific user’s profile. Once you find the user’s profile, tap on the “Message” button next to it to send a message.

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