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Women who wear suits to the office look sophisticated and are treated with respect. A suit gives them confidence and keeps them comfortable during presentations and boardroom meetings. Meanwhile, more women join the workforce these days, and they wear formal clothes like women’s suits to make them look more professional.

Suits have been considered a staple outfit for power dressing. Today, a well-fitted suit is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. And women will be regarded as equal to their male counterparts when they create a professional image that conveys confidence and competence. As such, wearing a suit enables them to do it, and well-designed suits perfectly fit a woman’s body and accentuate their femininity.

The shape and colour of the suit women wear must work best on their figure and skin tone. In the meantime, stores sell a range of coloured suits for women, which are perfect and stylish office wear. Women choose the best fit for their figure and pair it with suitable shoes and handbags. Contrarily, a bad-fitting suit makes women feel inferior and reduces their confidence.

Choosing the Right Style of Suit

Hourglass Shape

Women with classic hourglass shapes have an equal measure of bust and hips. Their waist is smaller, and they look great in high-waisted trousers with blazer jackets. A coordinating waist belt makes them look fantastic.

Straight Body Shape

Women with a straight body shape have roughly aligned waist, bust, and hips. They need suits that do not emphasise the lack of waist, and they may wear suits with longer line blazers that are left open.

Apple Body Shape

Women with broader shoulders and busts but smaller hips have the apple body shape. They must avoid wearing double-breasted jackets, which will make them look more bustier. Suit jackets with statement lapels and a V-shape at the front look good.

Pear Body Shape

Women with pear-shaped bodies have small shoulders and busts and smaller waists but broader hips. They need to wear a cropped jacket or a boxy, short blazer jacket and team it with high-waisted and wide-leg trousers.

Suit Colour


Black is the most popular choice for suits. The colour looks professional and fits seamlessly into all work environments. Nevertheless, a black suit needs to be accessorised well to keep the look high-end and chic.


Red is a daring colour for a suit and makes women the centre of attention in board meetings. Red exudes power and confidence and suits all skin tones.


High-quality pastel colour suits are great for office wear. Suits made from thick and luxurious fabrics give a perfect and polished look.

Accessories to Wear Along With a Suit


A good bag compliments the look of a suit, and the structure of the bag must balance the structure of the suit. Women can carry any bag, from a tote bag to an envelope clutch, although slouchy bags and backpacks are no match for a suit.

High Heels

Pointed-toe heels are the best accessories for a suit. However, wearing brogues with a suit provides a great professional look to women. Also, classic lace-up shoes not only balance out the blazer, but they are the best to keep women comfortable throughout the day.

Wearing a suit is a sensible option for formal occasions like client meetings and interviews. Women’s suits make women look professional and confident. Therefore, they have become a wardrobe staple, and they are the best professional business outfit for women. A suit lasts for many years with good maintenance, and it’s an excellent investment for women in the corporate world. Besides, women wearing a suit exude confidence and sophistication. They command respect and are treated equally to their male counterparts in the workplace.

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