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Do you have a PC? Are you concerned about how to keep it running correctly?

PCs are often seen as obsolete, as they have seemingly been overtaken by sleek and portable laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets. However, if you are someone who recognizes how powerful these stationary devices can be, such as a professional gamer, you will want to know some of the best ways to keep your PC and the tower that operates it healthy.

So, here are some top tips to follow to ensure that your PC tower remains operational for many years to come.

Update GPU

Most people prefer PCs for gaming as they offer better definition graphics, while also allowing you to have a more immersive experience.

Yet, one of the ways your PC may become damaged is if you are running games that have high-def games that your GPU cannot keep up with. This can also damage the RAM and cause the battery to become overheated, thus causing the tower to become a very pricey paperweight.

So, be sure to update the GPU as often as you can, as this will keep your PC running smoothly. To see some of the GPU options available, look at the Desktop Computer Tower options that you can get from Lenovo, to compare the power of their GPUs.


Just like a laptop, PCs and towers are prone to getting dusty. Left for long enough, this can allow the dust to get into essential places on the PC or the tower, which can cause issues with cooling the unit.

Therefore, dusting your PC keyboard and tower once a week is vital to keeping the machine healthy. It is also worth taking the side off the PC tower once a month and dusting the inner units too. Just be careful.

Keep the Tower Cool

The tower will have more ventilation than a laptop or a tablet but, based on the power required to play the game or run the program, you may need to put some additional effort in to keep the tower cool.

In the summer months, it can be worth running a fan near the tower, to help it stay cool. Or, if you can, place it near an open window, but out of direct sunlight.

No Tangled Wires

Many people who have a laptop forget about all of the wires that a PC tower can handle at the back. Plus, if you are someone who has a printer, scanner, gaming device, and a tonne of other things plugged into the tower, then your best bet to keep the tower running smoothly is to arrange your wires. This will help with air circulation, which will keep the tower cool, and will prevent damage to the slots.

Take Out Disks

Most people have been guilty of this at one time or another. They have placed a disk into a PC tower and, once the updates have occurred, they have left it in the machine.

This can cause the tower to overheat, and lead to issues with the disband other pieces of hardware.

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