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In 2017, there were around 5,000 container ships for cargo worldwide and countless first-party companies that depended on shipping companies for transporting their merchandise and goods across the globe. After the introduction and growing popularity of GPS or Global Positioning Systems in the 1990s, it became pretty common to track the current location of ocean freight containers. Eventually, the second parties, and first parties realized the benefits of real-time tracking or monitoring the shipping containers online while on an oceanic voyage.

All businesses in the manufacturing and distribution sectors have realized the significance of transparency and traceability in the supply chain. Being aware of the best time to ship goods and products, choosing the perfect transportation mode, and the estimated delivery or arrival time are key elements that play a crucial role in maintaining seamless visibility throughout the supply chain processing. The seamless operation of all businesses necessitates organization, where tracking and scheduling are concerned. According to Forbes, to maximize efficiency and productivity, it is critical to utilize specialized software for assisting you with these tasks.

By implementing an online container tracking software for your shipments, you can rest assured to stay updated with all the necessary information throughout the journey from the time the consignment initiates the journey until it reaches the ultimate destination. All contemporary online container tracking systems rely on GPS technology for the current location of the consignment, without any hassles. Let us discuss why container tracking is critical for the seamless supply chain management.

Ensuring Smooth & Seamless Operation

Once the consignment leaves the port of origin, shippers and business owners are under tremendous stress until the container arrives at the destination on time without any issues. That is because; everybody knows that the shipping industry is notorious for its uncertainty. Business owners may encounter diverse issues with their containers. Today, thanks to advanced tools for container tracking online, business owners and shippers do not have any issues in knowing the exact current location of their consignments or containers. 

Providing Real-Time Updates

In this fiercely competitive scenario, it is critical to concentrate on online container tracking. It is vital to discuss the significant reasons to seek assistance from cutting-edge online container tracking software. Perishable items may start deteriorating easily. When you are carrying perishable items, you should be able to monitor the entire process. 

If there is some delay due to unforeseen circumstances, it is your responsibility to keep the shipment owner informed of the impending delay and update him on the current location and status. Thanks to your prompt notification, the shipment owner may take the necessary measures well on time to mitigate the issue. A cutting-edge online container tracking software is effective in locating and identifying the hurdles that may impact the smooth flow of your consignment.

Ensuring the Safety & Security of Precious Cargo

You can prevent loss, damage, or theft of valuable freight by constantly monitoring the shipping process from the port of origin to the final destination. Even the slightest mistakes may culminate in messy situations like missing shipments or damaged or lost items. Once you start using advanced online tracking software, you can prevent these undesirable incidents from adversely impacting the overall supply chain management. 


It is mandatory to keep monitoring and controlling the entire journey from dispatch to delivery accurately for ensuring consignment safety and security.

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