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Drawing in viewers to your design is not always a piece of cake, and it takes a professional for a piece of art to get the attention a business requires. But how do you use visual tension?

Visual tension is a technique of art that is used to create dynamic components in an image to draw a viewer in and pique their interest. Designers often use this technique to inspire a sense of balance, create suspense, and by all means, capture the viewers’ attention to the packaging.

It is important to note that attention is a precious and finite resource. Since we are vying for our viewers’ scarce attention, we should use graphics that deserve attention. If a picture fails to engage their brains in a significant way, they will move on to something they consider more important.

Starting With This Concept

Here’s where visual tension comes into play. Tension causes the viewer’s brain to pay greater attention to a picture in order to comprehend it. To do so, people must instinctively perceive that there is more to the frame than meets the eye at first look and that pursuing a more profound meaning may be worthwhile.

So, How Do You Give Your Packaging Designs Visual Tension?

Packaging is the first component of your product a customer interacts with. Some buyers have never used your product; the way you present it to them could be the difference between them choosing your brand over those of your competitors. We have listed three ways to increase interest in your designs below.

Experiment with something new.

We were born and found some things as they are and got used to seeing them the way they are. For example, whenever we think about grass, we visualize its green color. We are used to seeing a tiger head attached to a tiger body.

Altering the typical components can intrigue viewers and surprise them. You can therefore attempt something different and unusual to pique their attention.

Break the rules.

In design, doing something that is against the norms always draws stares. Most designers do their work on what is basically a grid structure. The anchor points and guides available in Adobe Illustrator—a commonly used design software—clearly illustrate this. The software ensures that everything snaps to the grid.

Make use of uncommon color combinations.

Your choice of colors is a significant determinant of the reception your product gets. Using bold colors helps you generate distinctive energy, which is a quick approach to put emphasis on your packaging design and capture attention.

The use of contrasting colors is another way to attract buyers to your design. Consider how black would go with neon green or other complimenting colors such as blue and orange. By contrasting these hues, you may draw attention to the most significant component of a design.

Although visual tension must not always be applied in every area of design, it is an incredible technique to draw the eye in and make your work stand out. For something as commoditized as popcorn, for example, it is important to maximize your design.. Be creative and do everything you have to do for your popcorn packaging to shine above the rest; you don’t have to be restricted by some procedures.

Packaging service providers have professional designers who can help take care of your packaging design needs. Contact a well-renowned company to apply visual tension for eye-catching designs.

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