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With fleet dash cam, fleet managers can protect their vehicles and prevent accidents. These devices record continuously, saving the video evidence in a secure SOS file. The footage is valuable evidence in the event of an accident, and it can save thousands of dollars in fines. In this article, we’ll look at some of the top features of fleet dash cams and their benefits.

Remote Live View

Remote Live View fleet dash cam Webfleet solutions can help you manage your fleet of vehicles, improving driver safety and reducing insurance claims. WEBFLEET Video uses AI technology to detect risky behavior and alert the driver. It also offers full control over camera configuration and displays HD dash cam video footage and driving data. It also allows you to see historic trips, which can prove useful when verifying customer complaints.

WEBFLEET makes it easy to use the remote fleet dash cam systems. The camera’s live feed can be accessed from anywhere, and you can control the time and duration for the video to be saved. It also sends notifications to the driver when a recent event is captured on camera.

ABAX Group recently acquired Vehicle Cameras Webfleet Solutions UK, a company that specializes in providing fleet managers with information on driver habits. The company is now partnering with youth charity Brake and technology giant Trak Global Group to launch a new competition for fleet managers to install these cameras on their vehicles.

Webfleet Solutions is an industry leader in fleet management and vehicle telematics solutions. The company offers a variety of video-analytic solutions that support businesses and drivers worldwide. Its WEBFLEET Video technology combines Lytx camera technology with a cloud-based video-analytics platform to provide a complete video analytics platform for fleet managers.

WEBFLEET Video uses artificial intelligence technology to detect risky driving behavior. The software also allows users to request videos for a particular time or position. This helps them instantly livestream incidents when they occur. WEBFLEET Video also includes a CAM 50 dash cam, which utilizes artificial intelligence technology to alert drivers of risky behavior.


Fleet dash cams can be a powerful tool for fleet management. They allow fleet managers to monitor their vehicles without leaving their offices. This can help them avoid costly claims for faulty driving. They can also help protect their vehicles from theft and other risks. Dash cams are compatible with most fleet management systems.

Webfleet Video is a powerful dash cam system from Webfleet Solutions. It can provide real-time information on a fleet of vehicles and helps fleet owners comply with privacy laws. Webfleet Video has features like configurable driver-facing cameras, privacy-suppressed mode, and live streaming, which can be used to monitor driver behavior and the state of the vehicle.

Fleet dash cams provide visibility during critical events. In addition to recording video and audio, fleet dash cams can also provide valuable driving data. These systems can help fleet managers avoid costly fines and save thousands of dollars. Moreover, many dashes cams now feature AI technology, which can identify potentially dangerous driving habits and alert drivers to correct their course.

A dashboard with dashcam video footage can be viewed from a variety of devices, including mobile devices. Webfleet video enables fleet managers to view video footage anytime, anywhere. It is a convenient solution that allows fleet managers to monitor their vehicles online.

Fleet dash cam webfleet solutions are becoming an essential part of commercial fleet safety measures. Not only can they improve safety and reduce driver errors, but they can also help manage drivers, monitor cargo locations, and deploy resources for better efficiency. They provide footage of an accident that can be used for investigation purposes, and protect drivers from liability.

A cloud-based video management system is another great advantage of fleet dash cam webfleets. With webfleet solutions, you can view live footage and playback recordings, make annotations on the fly, and export footage for use in other applications. Depending on your budget, you can choose from a variety of plans. Some are free while others may cost a few dollars more. You can also customize a plan to suit your needs.

The technology behind fleet dash cam webfleets helps fleet managers manage and reduce claims. It can also help improve driver training.

Real-time alerts

Webfleet Video solutions can monitor drivers and ensure that they are complying with privacy laws. These solutions are compatible with various types of cameras, including driver-facing, privacy-suppressed, and cabin-facing cameras. They come with special caps to cover the cabin-facing camera to ensure that the recorded video cannot be seen by third parties. These solutions also allow drivers to control the recording. For example, a driver can set the recording to stop when the vehicle is stopped or distracted.

Webfleet solutions can help businesses monitor their drivers and ensure that they are following safety regulations. They can help prevent driver misconduct by recording video and sending it to the right people. Dash cams can also provide fleet managers with full details about a fleet, including the location of the vehicle, driver details, and more. With the use of advanced artificial intelligence, these solutions can also classify critical events while on the road, send audio alerts to the appropriate people, and upload the recorded video footage to the Webfleet platform for analysis.

Fleet managers can also use Webfleet solutions to monitor driver behavior. They can monitor tardiness and reckless driving, review their drivers’ behaviors and develop strategies to improve driving. These solutions can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with existing business applications. In addition to offering real-time alerts, Webfleet solutions also feature customizable reporting.

Webfleet Solutions is one of the leading providers of fleet management, connected cars, and vehicle telematics solutions. Its mission is to bring businesses and drivers closer together through innovative solutions. The company serves over 50,000 business clients in over 100 countries.

Real-time dash cam webfleet solutions can help fleet managers save on insurance costs and avoid accidents. They automatically stream footage to a central location, allowing fleet managers to review the videos in minutes. Additionally, these solutions allow fleet managers to create detailed driver scorecards.


Webfleet Solutions offers HD video capabilities in its telematics solutions. This technology helps fleets to prevent accidents and identify risky driving behaviors. Webfleet Video also helps fleets meet privacy legislation requirements. The webfleet video can be configured so that only the driver can view it. Drivers can also turn off the recording feature, which protects their privacy.

Webfleet solutions have become extremely popular in recent years. They provide data from several sources and are easily accessible through a tablet or smartphone. They are also secure, which is an essential feature when you are dealing with fleets. However, you should get professional advice before you invest in any of these solutions.

Fleet dash cams also make it easy to report fleet-related incidents. With incident-based reporting, fleet cameras automatically filter footage around events and stream it to the fleet command center, saving fleet managers the hassle of reviewing hours of footage manually. In addition, fleet dash cams can send real-time alerts. These alerts are sent to the fleet manager within tenth of a second. The system also produces automated reports that provide fleet managers with detailed driver scorecards. This information helps fleet managers measure the level of safety improvements across a driver’s career.

Fleet dash cams can provide valuable information on how drivers are driving. By analyzing driving data, Webfleet solutions can help business owners prevent road incidents by providing clear evidence of unsafe driving behavior. The video evidence is also useful for insurance claims and can help companies avoid legal wrangles.

Fleet dash cams are increasingly popular among fleets. The technology provides a variety of benefits, from safety monitoring to reporting and reducing drowsiness. For example, a dash cam can help a fleet manager to identify distracted drivers who are ignoring traffic rules. The dash cams can also help fleet managers to monitor driver performance and reward safe drivers.

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