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When your app is finally deployed, you expect it to outperform competitors’ apps. And boost engagement, drive sales, and become an integral part of your every prospect’s phone. But, is it that easy?

As an Android app development company in Dubai, we know the competition is fiercer than ever before. With millions of apps available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play, people have multiple choices. 

Hundreds of apps serve the same purpose. And ultimately, the one with superior marketing campaigns nails the business.

So, how do you promote your app so you get instant engagement and recognition?

1.Leverage the Power of Social Media

More than 5 billion people are active on social media. Social media is the breeding ground for brands today. One viral post or meme, or an ad that pulls on emotions can turn your small businesses into a globally recognized brand.

According to a poll conducted by HubSpot, out of 1000+ marketers, 79% said they invest in paid advertising on social media. Paid or organic, whatever sounds good to you, give it a shot. Create an Instagram profile, Facebook page, or even a YouTube channel to discuss your app’s objective and features.

2.Reach Out to Influencers

Influencer marketing is doing wonders for brands. Observe the top brands around you, ain’t they paying influencers to vouch for their products? Not just one or two, but so many of them.

The thing is, when someone widely recognized testifies that your product is worth buying, people who like the influencer will trust your product too. It will experience a sudden boost in engagement and downloads because a majority of the influencer’s audience will be directed to your app.

3.Create a Demo Video

A demo video is a must. How would you demonstrate to your audience what your app does and how? Besides that, it will prove to be a handy marketing tool while promoting your app anywhere.

Make sure the video is of the highest quality. It should walk through your audience the key features of it, the USPs that make it better than the several other counterparts available.

4.Work on Your ASO

App store optimization is itself a separate job, so look for an agency to optimize your app for higher visibility. Don’t just rely on social media and referrals, aim for organic traffic.

The best ASO practices are:

  • An optimized title(preferably a keyword in it)
  • An optimized description(no keyword stuffing)
  • Optimized screenshots on the platform it’s being deployed.

5.Invest in Content Marketing

Well, I know that this isn’t a creative or easy way to promote your app, but it’s mandatory for long-term results. When it comes to online marketing, content is the king! 

And the best place to start is your own website. ( If you don’t have a website, get one built today.) Create a blog section where you will share valuable information, not just about your app but as well as everything related to your industry.

With optimized content, your website will attract relevant traffic interested in your app – and likely to download it!

6.Guest Blogging

Though guest posts are usually considered a part of SEO, it becomes even more important when you want fast results. Capitalize on someone else’s traffic by pithing them your content in exchange for a backlink or referral.

Either ask them to mention your app’s name or give a backlink to your website’s page where you have shared the link of your app. Remember, this strategy involves content investment – your content must be written by someone having authority in your niche.

7.Use Email Marketing in an Ethical Way

Do you know email marketing offers a staggering ROI of $4 on every $1 spent on it? This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you as most of us are prone to checking our emails the first thing in the morning.

However, there’s a fine line between marketing and spamming. Collect emails from the traffic landing on your website, so you email them with their consent. Nowadays, brands give a free ebook, some discount, or any other incentive in exchange for a visitor’s email address.

8.Host a Podcast

Podcasts can drive an insane amount of engagement on your app – if you really have premium content to share with the audience. People love to have a peek at the back story of a brand, the big idea that compelled the creators to develop the app.

During your podcasts, be candid. Share whatever you feel would win the trust of your visitor. And don’t hesitate to share your future plans, how you are going to improve your app; make them realize you really take the feedback seriously.

9.Meme Marketing

Meme marketing is not for everyone; it would look weird if a health-related app shared memes about a terminal disease. However, entertainment and shopping apps can be promoted this way.

People love reading memes and they immediately share those with their friends and family members. You don’t have to ask for a favor in this instance. A single viral meme and boom!!!!

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