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Water leakage is a common occurrence in households in Logan. You know you have a leakage problem on your hands when you notice the faucet making rumbling noises or water collecting under the sink. Sometimes you might hear an eerie, dripping sound in the middle of the night. It is a case of hidden leakage if you cannot trace it. Undetected leaks are a nuisance and a sign that you must hire professional leak detection in Logan. If you are unsure when to ring up leak detection services, these signs will hopefully notify you when your plumbing system needs fixing.

Mouldy Walls

Mould is the growth of fungi on your walls due to moisture. The World Health Organization stated that mould exposure is unsafe, as it might harm you, your plants, and your pets. So, seeing mould growth in your house should be a matter of concern. Approximately 26% of Queensland households, including several in Logan, have reported moulding issues. If you do not want to contribute to those complaints, hire professional leak detection services as soon as possible.

Unexpected Water Pooling

If you bought a house in Meadowbrook and constantly notice puddles under your sink, faucet, or washing machine, it could be a tiny water spillage or a bigger issue like leakage. If puddles keep reappearing despite wiping the floor, you might be experiencing a water leak. Untraceable puddles usually indicate underground water leakage problems, such as fissured pipes, broken drainage, or a faulty plumbing system. Broken underground pipes can result in water seeping inside your house and require leak detection experts to fix water leakage.

Water Stains

Sometimes excessive rain could overflow your home’s draining system and burst the pipes, leading to property damage and water stains on the walls and ceilings. According to QBE, out of 1,000 Australian respondents, 77% reported water damage incidents at home. Water stains, bubbles, and saggy floors and walls are major signs of water leakage. Puddles and water stains on walls could also lead to moulding.

Water Dripping

If water drips from the showerhead when it is off, or a faint yet persistent dripping sound echoes through the walls of your house, a pipe is leaking somewhere in your home. Since piping and drainage systems are complex, it might be challenging to fix the leakage if you cannot spot or detect it. However, a professional can see the source of the leak and repair it with the proper tools and equipment.

Foul Smell

Even though you can easily identify moulding, you can sometimes miss it if it grows in a hidden corner of your house or if the source is underground. Another way to detect and identify moulds is through their smell. Moulds release a foul, strong, and pungent smell, which irritates your nose.

Water Bills

Your water bill can shoot up for various reasons, such as gardening, excessive showering, cooking, washing dishes, operating the washing machine, etc. However, if you notice a sudden increase in your water bill, it might be due to an undetected leak. Factors like water pooling under the skin, water dripping from the faucets, or underground water leakage from pipes could add to your water bill without your knowledge. In such cases, call a professional leak detection in Logan to fix your drainage system before it drains your purse.

Final Thoughts

Various signs indicate that you need professional services for leak detection in Logan, such as high water bills, dripping sounds, or moulding. However, ensure the leak detection company has a plumbing license from Plumbers Licensing Board, as Logan plumbers cannot offer their services without this license.

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