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Kitchen handles might often seem like the last accessory that requires your attention. But what if they can make or break your kitchen? They are no longer simple structures for opening or closing your kitchen cabinet. In fact, kitchen handles come in multiple finishes that complete the look of your space.

Among the sea of finishes available, brass kitchen handles are perhaps the most flexible options in the market. However, one might wonder what makes brass different from its competition, namely copper or chrome. Are you curious about this? Read on to find out!

The Appeal of Brass

When you first look at this metal, you can’t help noticing its bright gold appearance. This is due to the mixture of copper and zinc used to create this non-ferrous metal. Not to mention, it combines the best properties of both these elements, resulting in a metal that has increased malleability and formability with a high melting point.

The visual appeal of brass, combined with enhanced properties, makes it a common sight in decors. Due to these reasons, it is also widely used to make kitchen cabinet handles. Additionally, its ability to resist corrosion means you don’t have to worry about the metallic lustre going away anytime soon.

Brass is also available in various forms in the market. For instance, you can invest in antique brass that may be a bit expensive but provide a unique look to your kitchen. On the other hand, polished brass is also an option if you want to cut back costs but still prefer the appeal and properties of brass.

But do they really add value to your space?

Attributes of Brass Kitchen Handles

Along with their aesthetic appeal, brass kitchen handles offer numerous other benefits that make them an ideal choice for your kitchen. Some of them are:


When thinking of a kitchen handle, people most commonly associate it with durability. Brass handles are synonymous with this property since they do not wear over time and maintain their shine for extended periods with minimal maintenance.


With its bright gold look, brass can complement many colours, allowing you to have that perfect colour coordination in your kitchen. They can go well with neutral kitchen tones and suit marble and wooden work surfaces. Irrespective of how you want your kitchen to look, brass handles are a great start!

Classic Design

If you’re a fan of classic designs, there is no better material than brass! Installing these handles in your kitchen will take you back in time, with your space providing the much-coveted British feel.

Not to mention, installing brass handles on your kitchen cabinets also ensures that you preserve a timeless look for your space for years to come. They are also a one-time investment since you do not need to change them even if you completely overhaul your kitchen. There are rarely any colour tones that a brass kitchen handle will not accentuate.

Final Thoughts

Although your kitchen handles might seem perfect, you must remember that they can be better. Brass handles will not only add a new feel to your kitchen but also increase the overall value of the house.

After all, this is a world of aesthetics where visual presentation is essential.

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