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Sydney is globally recognised for its role in the industrial sector. Nearly 86,400 businesses operate in Sydney. It includes professional, technical and scientific services. Nobody likes to wear casual clothes to work, and many think the dress code impacts their work. Business people in Sydney prefer to wear dark suits with a tie. Dressing to look professional helps people to present a positive image of themselves. Everybody tries to avoid appearing sloppy for business meetings. Business suits in Sydney help men look professional, and a man’s confidence soars when he wears a business suit. A suit commands respect and brings dignity to a person in business.

What is a business suit?

A business suit is an outfit that looks formal. People wear it in business or office environments. Generally, these suits are in darker colours and have a double-breasted pocket. They are worn with dress shoes.


Darker shade business suits are considered to be more formal. Charcoal grey and navy blue are the most popular colours for business suits. They are versatile, suit all types of business environments and easily match with other colours.

Fabric and texture

The degree of formality depends upon the smoothness and shine of the suit fabric. Shiny fabric like satin on the lapels and trousers are reserved for evening events. The most common materials used for business suits are wool or wool-silk blends.


Patterns play an essential role in assessing the formality of the suit. For example, outfits with patterns are less formal than plain ones. On the other hand, subtle designs like pinstripes are ideal for business suits.


Business suits have a strong structure with shoulder paddings that give them a more defined look. A single-breasted pocket is a popular choice for business attires, and double-breasted jackets are standard in formal suits. A notched lapel is preferred over a peak lapel, giving it a classic look.


Trousers for a business suit come with a sharp crease running down the centre of the legs. A more casual version of the outfit includes chinos or jeans with a smooth front.


A business suit is worn with classic dress shoes. Black or brown are the most preferred colours. However, the shoes’ colour depends upon the suit’s colour.

Business people use accessories like cufflinks, a belt and a dressy watch to complete the look. Every business person needs at least one business suit in their wardrobe.

What to wear under a suit?

What is worn under the suit is as important as the suit. Men wear button-down shirts under a suit, and light colour shirts are worn under dark-coloured suits. In addition, men must wear a necktie with a business suit.

When to wear a business suit?

Men do not wear a business suit on all occasions. They wear it only in conservative settings like board meetings. Most offices have dress codes requiring their employees to wear suits for specific events. Men working in sectors like banking, accounting and financing wear suits often.

Suits provide an opportunity to showcase a person’s style and sophistication and make people feel more confident. Fine materials make people look their best and help the outfit to stay in shape for a long time.

Buying business suits in Sydney is not a great deal. Many stores sell suits of different styles and colours. Most of them are tailor-made and affordable. However, tailor-made suits look great on people because they are customised to fit them perfectly.

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