Bear Creek Arsenal
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If you’re interested in getting the best AR-15 and A2 rifle parts, you should know more about Bear Creek Arsenal. Owned and operated by the Moore Family, this North Carolina-based firearms company builds everything from custom barrels to complex A2 receivers. Bear Creek Arsenal has been in business for over 40 years and prides itself on its superior quality. The company even manufactures its own A2 front sights and gas blocks!

Bear Creek Arsenal is a family owned and operated business

The Moore family started the business of manufacturing firearms in Sanford, North Carolina in 1971. Today, the Moore family is still a family-owned and operated business, and the company is a world leader in firearms manufacturing and parts. The Moores have a deep history in the area, and their sons, Chad and Eugene, are master machinists and shooters who take pride in the quality of their products.

They currently make parts for the AR-15, including gas blocks, front sights, and bird cage muzzle devices. Soon, they’ll begin making other parts in-house. They’ve also updated their branding to reflect a roaring angry bear. While the company’s business is still small, their quality assurance measures are being improved. Customers will see a difference in their firearms after they buy them.

It manufactures its own A2 bird cage muzzle devices

A2 Birdcage flash hiders can be a good choice for a nighttime operation. However, they do not mitigate rifle flash in low or no light and can cause interference with night vision devices. Another benefit of an A2 Birdcage is that it virtually eliminates the “tuning-fork” sound associated with rifles. This product is made by Faxon, which is an American company that has been producing high-quality rifle barrels for years.

The A2 Bird Cage Flash Hider threads onto a standard 16” barrel. It is threaded on both ends with a 1/2″ x 28 T.P.I. threaded rod with a Black Phosphate finish. The overall length of the A2 bird cage flash hider is 2 1/4″. A bird cage flash hider can impart extra velocity to the gun’s barrel. For example, a 16″ barrel will give a higher velocity, but a longer barrel length will make the trajectory flatter.

It makes its own gas blocks

As an example, you might not have realized that Bear Creek Arsenal manufactures its own gas blocks. The company is not the only manufacturer to manufacture them. The company also manufactures front sights and other parts, such as A2 bird cage muzzle devices. The company makes all of its components in-house in Sanford, North Carolina. The company also provides a Bear Den Guarantee and is constantly looking to improve quality. If you want to know how reliable their parts are, read on to learn how.

The new GPX complete upper by Bear Creek Arsenal is equipped with a short-stroke gas piston system that reduces the amount of gas residue on the operating system. The short-stroke gas piston also allows for an interior cooler, reducing the heat from hot propellant gases towards the action. In addition, the GPX gas piston system also allows the BCG to remain cooler, reducing the risk of hot gases being blown out the back of the gun.

It makes its own A2 front sights

If you’re looking for a high quality A2 front sight, Bear Creek Arsenal has you covered. This company manufactures its own A2 bird cage muzzle devices, gas blocks, and front sights. Soon they’ll make other parts in-house as well. The company has changed its branding as well, going from a traditional square to a circle with a bear’s head. Despite its name, this company is still a local manufacturer and is constantly improving its quality measures.

The main part of the front sight is a square rotating sight post with a four-position spring-loaded detent. During zeroing, this is the only time it will be adjusted. It is fixed in the mechanical zero position. The base of the sight post should be flush with the top of the tower. This helps to prevent mis-aimed shots. Also, adjusting the front sight will prevent you from firing a bullet that hits the target before it exits the barrel.

It guarantees 1 MOA grouping at 100 yards

When talking about accuracy, many shooters equate MOA with an inch at 100 yards and two inches at 200 yards. For these reasons, it is not unusual to call a gun that shoots one-inch groups at 100 yards a “One-MOA gun.” This is not true, however, as targets are marked on an inch grid, and sights adjust in fractions of an inch. Also, at close range, the difference between “true” minutes of angle and “shooters'” minutes of angle is academic.

As previously mentioned, MOAs increase in size as you get farther away from the target. Therefore, a single MOA grouping at 100 yards is one inch and two inches at 200 yards. The same is true for a one-inch grouping at 300 yards. This means that you should calculate your target in 3” increments, and the MOA of the bullet will increase as you get farther from the target.


Bear Creek Arsenal has been in business for almost 50 years. They specialize in the manufacturing of AR-15 firearms, and have worked hard to earn a reputation for quality and excellence in machined products. Their goal is to make quality firearms available for the everyday American. This goal has made them one of the most popular companies in the firearms industry. Their products are sold all over the United States, and they’ve earned an exemplary reputation in the industry.

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