Moroccan Scott Cannon
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Moroccan Cannon was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is the son of musician Nick Cannon and singer Mariah Carey. He has two half-siblings: Golden “Sagon” Cannon and Zion Mixolydian Cannon. His siblings are very close to their parents. His father, Nick, is always in the news due to his numerous relationships. In 2008, he married Mariah Carey.


Born on April 30, 2011, Moroccan Scott Cannon is a child star. His zodiac sign is Taurus, which is associated with the bull. Generally, people born under this star sign are stable and dependable. He is a student in middle school. Despite his star sign, he hasn’t been in any romantic relationships. Nevertheless, he has appeared in many TV shows, including Mariah Carey’s World (2016) and All I Want for Christmas (2017).


The height of Moroccan Scott Cannon is 5 feet 8 inches. The actor and model was born in Santa Monica, California, United States, on April 30, 2011. He is the son of a multi-millionaire father and a single mother. His parents’ net worth is $320 million and $30 million, respectively. In 2017, Moroccan Scott Cannon was named the highest-paid actor in the United States. Moroccan Scott Cannon was named one of the ten most influential people in pop culture.


The Moroccan Scott Cannon weight is an unknown quantity for the general public, and has not yet been released publicly. This child star has an average height and weighs approximately 35 kg. Unlike many other celebrity children, the Moroccan Scott Cannon weight is not publically available. However, based on his photos, he seems to be tall. His parents are Nick and Mariah Cannon. These two famous American singers are related to each other through their children, so this may be a major reason why this celebrity is so admired.


The Nationality of the Moroccan Scott Cannon is not widely known. But many fans are familiar with his parents. The actor and singer is the son of Nick and Maria Cannon. He is the youngest of the Cannon twins and was born through a C-section. His parents are both successful artists. His parents have a wide fanbase. His parents met in high school and married shortly after. Their love for one another grew from there.

Net worth

Moroccan Scott Cannon has been in the spotlight for many years now, especially after the arrival of his first child, Zen, with model Alyssa scott. He was born on April 30, 2011, and he has been in the spotlight ever since. In fact, he’s become even more famous since he married fellow singer Bryan hands. As a result, Moroccan Scott Cannon’s net worth has continued to grow.

Social media platforms

The young boy, 11 years old, is currently in middle school and plays the piano. He is also a member of his elementary school’s drama club. Moroccan Cannon doesn’t have any social media accounts, but his parents share adorable pictures of him on the internet. Moroccan’s parents have not publicly announced their relationship, but they appear to be on good terms. But he has been the subject of ridicule and abuse by White-racists, so we can’t say that he has a social media account of his own.


Despite being a middle school kid, the Moroccan Scott Cannon is already making waves in the entertainment industry. His father, Nick Cannon, is a famous entertainment icon. He is a screenwriter, actor, and comedian. His two studio albums are already selling well, but there are still a lot of unknown secrets about the young star. Here is a look at his family background. The Moroccan Scott Cannon family is made up of five siblings.

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