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Digital marketing is a modern-day marketing approach that suits the present time.

However, the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and with it, what content is created and how, and on which marketing channels it needs to be positioned.

As easy as digital marketing might look for many marketers, only few are able to do well. 

According to businesspally, 8 out of every 10 online marketers struggle to break even in the first five years of their career. 

To succeed with online marketing, here are the strategies that can help you to get your desired results.


Success in online marketing is not a rocket science, and if others have applied these principles of internet marketing and succeeded in it,  you too can. 


Content is and remains the most important topic in digital marketing. 

Nevertheless, the focus should increasingly be placed on the personalization of the displayed content. 

That means bringing the right message to the right user at the right time, says businesspally boss.

To do this, it must first be determined who is among the users of the website and which potential users are to be addressed. 

An analysis of the website (e.g. by Google Analytics) and the demographic data of the users helps with this assessment. 

In addition, content should be offered that takes into account the country of origin and the language of the user in order to be able to present offers that meet the needs. 

Geo-targeting systems such as Tech pally smart Content Management System are helpful for such optimization. 


The effectiveness of social media campaigns can usually not be clearly seen in sales and increased bookings.

 A monetary goal of social media strategies usually makes less sense than concentrating on the awareness and perception of the brand as a goal.

So-called social engagement metrics (vanity metrics) are the “real currency” of social media campaigns; they include how many times the post was shared, mentions of the brand/company, comments posted, and the reach of the posts. 

Social media posts may not directly increase the company’s sales, but they do increase brand awareness. 


Dark social means that content is shared via private channels such as instant messengers, apps or email, and this content is no longer as easy to follow as it is on public platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 

It is therefore not possible for companies to understand how high the proportion of social media content that is actually shared is. 

Website operators can counteract this by optimizing their pages and making dark social measurable.

Direct sharing buttons for WhatsApp, Twitter, and other channels make clicks countable and traffic can be displayed.


Digital language assistants and voice search are becoming increasingly popular. 

In contrast to the mostly short search queries on the computer, voice searches are often detailed “dialogues” with the smartphone. 

Long-tail keywords are gaining importance again through voice search.

 The website content should therefore not be based solely on the common keywords. 

Since these are dialog-like searches, wh-questions (where, how, when, who, why) should also be included in the content. In addition, an optimization strategy should always include local SEO aspects; For example, location-based link building and content with a regional focus. Digital Marketing Course Certification in Brussels


Chatbots are used in many ways to cover numerous areas of everyday life. 

In customer service, for example, they are used to enable faster, more immediate contact and help with problems. 

In this way, companies can reduce waiting times for users and save support costs at the same time. 

Chatbots can also be used to strengthen brand loyalty. In messaging services, the chatbots act as representatives of the brands, responding to questions and providing tips and information; the possibilities are far from exhausted.


In the smartphone era, video content is consumed more than any other content currently available on the internet, and video advertising has also become increasingly important in recent years. 

Videos increase the visibility and interaction rate of your content on social media and at the same time optimize your conversion rate

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