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Fashion for men has always shown a hint of monotony for a very long time. But in the modern era, people have perceived a new wave of trends sliding slowly into the fashion world. What might interest one is how a man dresses in numerous outfits of varied colours and fabrics and reshapes the outfits with men’s accessories.

Accessories for men include coats, jackets,a true corset caps, socks, men’s bow ties, bags, belts, wallets, etc. An accessory is considered a sign of honour. Whether it is a belt, a tie, or any other style factor, it brings out the final look in a man. One can consider accessories a polishing source for men.

A few summer fashion trends for 2022 are discussed below:

● Casual Polo t-shirts and men’s bow ties with bright coloured neckties and ankle-length trousers bring a breezy summer look which is quite trendy nowadays.

● Men’s bow ties with half sleeve shirts and formal pants throw a semi-formal look that can go with formal and casual meetings.

● Men fitted t-shirts with oversized dust coats bring a casual summer glow with a hint of passing spring.

How ties became an essential part of men’s fashion lifestyle:

Ties have significantly influenced men’s lifestyle and fashion trends. It seems like ties have had a significant resurgence. The use of a tie is not confined to something ceremonial. Instead, in today’s fashion lifestyle, ties glaze more of a casual, breezy look than a preppy formal fit.

One must choose ties correctly as it is the first thing a person notices in a men’s outfit. Here are four types of ties to dress an outfit into

●     Four-in-hand necktie:

If someone is going to a formal occasion, it is undoubtedly the type to go with. A four-in-hand necktie reeks of an official aura and gives a man a clean and prep look. The ties that fit into this criterion come in varied colours and contrasts. Other neckties considered cousins to this type are the skinny neckties and the seven-fold neckties.

●     Bow ties:

A fun alternative to the above neckties is the men’s bow ties. It is an everyday tie and a must-go look for formal occasions. These ties range from cocktails to balls and are a go-to look in the southern regions.

●     Bolo tie:

Bolo ties are habitually worn by baby boomers having groovy jewellery fitted in the tie. It is pretty popular in the southwestern states.  

Trends in a bow tie:

Men’s bow ties are short neckties with a knot. Often worn to formal occasions but can also be considered for a casual meeting. In an everyday sense, bow ties come in different colours and patterns to suit the occasion. Bow ties shine in any outfit of choice, be it a tux, suit, or casual fit.

Here are a few trends to style bow ties:

  • Bow ties and tuxedos:

Wearing a contrasting black-white men’s bow tie and tux gives a crisp and formal look. Thus, bow ties and tux flare a decent, honourable appearance.

  • Bow Tie with suspenders:

Putting on suspenders in a tucked-in shirt with a bow tie gives quite an appearance. One can create this look without jackets and coats to give a glowing casual look.

  • A Patterned bow tie is a trend:

Enhancing one’s wardrobe with patterned bow ties such as polka-dotted or paisley bow ties can be a fun substitute for a less formal occasion. Polka-dotted bow ties are quite a trend in the modern era of fashion.


Fashion trends are constantly changing with time; therefore, one must not put all their faith in one trend but instead explore more in the upcoming events to find a new person hiding within oneself.

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