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Filmywap is one of the most popular and most used movie apps in India. Many people use it to watch movies at home but also for cinema-going. Filmywap has released many new features over the past few months which have made it even more useful than before. Here is a guide to all the new updates and features that are coming soon to Filmywap:

2022 Releases

Filmywap has announced that it will be bringing in many new and amazing features for cinemas in the coming months. The first feature will be the introduction of “The Silent Screen” feature. This is the first time that the idea of “Silent Screen” has been introduced in a cinema app. The idea is that people will be able to view movies without any sound. This will be an amazing and useful feature for people who want to watch movies without any sound. Filmywap will also be introducing support for the world’s first 4K cinema, “Amaravati”. Filmywap had been in talks with Amaravati for a while now and it looks like this partnership will help bring more people to the art of watching movies at home. The next feature that Filmywap is working on is the introduction of VR Cinema. VR cinema is a new and amazing feature that will allow people to watch movies with 360-degree VR Cinemas. So people will be able to watch movies from the most beautiful places all around the world.

New Cinema Listings

There are many new cinema listings that have been added to Filmywap. The first one is the introduction of GST-included cinemas. People usually have to pay extra money to watch movies at the cinemas, but now people will be able to watch movies at a cheaper price. The second listing is the introduction of “Indian Cinemas”. This is an amazing new feature that will let people find Indian movies that are playing all over the country.

Tipping Feature

Filmywap is one of the few applications that support the tipping feature. This feature allows people to tip creators on their apps. The tipping feature is a great way to appreciate people who work hard on their apps. Tip wisely and you might just get a free app or feature from the app.

Updated Pages and Channels

The new updates have also brought many new pages and channels to the app. The first one is the introduction of new themes for channels. The new theme will let people choose from different colors for the background and text colors. The new channel themes will make sure that the app looks new and fresh for a long time. The second update has been to the search bar. The new search bar has been upgraded and now lets people search for movies by plot, cast, director, languages, genres, etc. The channel page has also been upgraded. It now loads faster and has been redesigned to let people find Indian movies easily.


Filmywap is one of the best ways to watch movies at home or in the cinema. The app has been constantly improving over the past few years and the new updates are just the tip of the iceberg. Filmywap is an amazing app that makes it easy to find the latest and greatest movies.

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