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When you use DeskFlex hoteling software, you get more than just a reservation system. You also get inventory and asset management. This software includes seat tracker software that works both online and offline to keep tabs on key assets. In addition to boosting user productivity, DeskFlex can help you manage your hotel’s room inventory. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the top features of DeskFlex hoteling software.

Room booking software

If you are looking for a room booking software that works seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Zapier, Office 365 and Okta Integrations, DeskFlex is the right choice. With DeskFlex’s Outlook integration, you can schedule conferences and office space, and it can also help you manage reservations and share your calendar with other team members. Using this software is easy, intuitive, and helps you reduce operational costs.

Onboarding employees

One of the first steps to implementing desk flex is to onboard employees. Employees who are not familiar with the concept should be walked through the basics and be provided with all the information they need to make a successful transition. The goal is to reduce the friction and inconvenience that comes with hiring a new employee, and to make the process as seamless as possible. Deskflex onboarding employees can be as simple as providing information about desk flex to all employees.

Room display touch screen

Whether an office is experiencing COVID lockdowns or just wants to know whether a conference room is available, the DeskFlex Room Display touch screen is a must-have. This software allows businesses to automate processes and monitor space reservation systems. With an integrated touchscreen, employees can check available meeting rooms and conference rooms, reserve spaces, and even cancel or edit reservations. It can be used in any workplace, and is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Custom programming service

The healthcare industry is growing and adapting to a growing number of patients, and this demand is increasing the need for dependable, convenient facilities. DeskFlex is a customizable scheduling system that manages the use of medical facilities such as exam rooms, surgery rooms, conference rooms, and private rooms. It also allows organizations to save space and energy by allocating resources to the most utilized desks. Its customizable scheduling solution allows administrators to monitor real-time reservations and notify staff members of new reservations.

Increases brand exposure

If you are looking to increase brand exposure, then desk reservation software is for you. Deskflex is a great solution for companies in several industries. This software is a great way to manage your unlimited resources, while simultaneously increasing brand exposure. DeskFlex offers an extensive functionality suite for companies in many different industries, and startups will find it especially helpful. With DeskFlex, you can manage every aspect of the desk reservation process.

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