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The majority of people in India live with their spouses, children, and elderly parents. With the education costs touching up the sky and medical treatment of the elderly parents getting only costlier, it sometimes becomes tough for people to manage their financial well-being, especially if someone is the only provider of the family. Although we cannot cut off a lot of things, we can surely buy a health insurance policy.

As you purchase a health insurance policy, several medical expenses can be covered. You will at least have the peace of mind that even if something happens to anyone in the family, the medical treatment will be covered. You will be able to get the right medical treatment in the best network hospital without worrying about the treatment costs.

If you are a government employee in Kerala, you can even opt for MEDISEP health insurance. If this health insurance policy sounds new to you, let us it here today.

What is MEDISEP health insurance?

The full form of MEDISEP is Medical Insurance for State Employees and Pensioners. It is a health insurance scheme in Kerala that facilitates cashless treatment for government employees as well as pensioners. An annual insurance premium of INR 6000 will be deducted from the monthly income of the staff in monthly payments of INR 500. This is one of the best insurance programs offered by the state government and can be opted for by all government employees as well as retirees.

Who can apply for MEDISEP health insurance?

Employees, as well as retirees, can opt for this health insurance scheme. Apart from the nominees, spouse, children less than 25 years of age, or who is physically or mentally challenged are eligible for this health insurance scheme

What is the tenure of the MEDISEP?

The tenure of MEDISEP is 3 years.

Features of MEDISEP health insurance

This health insurance scheme comes with a comprehensive medical insurance cover of up to INR 3,00,000. In a situation of major illness, a larger quantity is offered. The policyholders can get cashless treatment at the network hospitals.

From the starting year, the unclaimed money can be taken forward to the following year, up to a sum of INR 1,50,000. For hospitalization that lasts more than 24 hours, coverage is offered. For 15 days of pre and post-hospitalization, policyholders can seek reimbursement.

How do you log in to the MEDISEP portal?

Government employees who are enrolled under the MEDISEP Government Insurance in Kerala will be able to log in to the MEDISEP portal by following some simple steps. Here are they mentioned below:

  • You first need to visit the official MEDISEP portal
  • Now you have to find the menu bar which you can spot at the top of the home page in the MEDISEP portal
  • At this point, you can click on the login button and check out the drop-down list that is displayed on the screen
  • Now select the department from the drop-down list and simply click on it. You will be then directed to a fresh login page.
  • You can now choose a username as well as a password in the Login column
  • Now enter the text in the field option. This is mostly required for security reasons
  • Now you must click on the login button, after which you can get access to the employee login
  • Now whatever information you need on the employee health insurance, you can get from MEDISEP.

If you wish to find more relevant information on MEDISEP, you can spare some time and visit the IIFL website. You will get all the necessary information and also come across several other health insurance policy options.

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