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GATE computer science stream is one of the most popular and growth-oriented streams. GATE candidates often get confused when it comes to kicking start the preparation. Well, if you are one of them, then you need to focus on this article, as this is created to give you an idea about the important topics of the GATE computer science syllabus.

Talking about the syllabus, there are numerous topics to concentrate on. One such popular topic is Introduction to C Programming. C is a general-purpose programming language. It can be used to create a variety of applications, including databases, operating systems, compilers, and more. 

Indeed, the C programming language is huge, and you must have a basic awareness of computer programming terms before proceeding with the study and learning the C language. You will be able to properly learn the C language if you understand the fundamentals of any computer programming language.

Important Topics To Cover in C Programming

  1. Variables & Constants in C
  2. Variables in C   
  3. Static Variable in C
  4. Global Variable in C   
  5. Constants in C
  6. Data Types in C
  7. Basic Data Types in C   
  8. Derived Data Types in C
  9. Double Data Type in C   
  10. Enumerated Data Type in C
  11. Size of Data Types in C   
  12. User Defined Data Types in C
  13. Operators in C
  14. Arithmetic Operators in C   
  15. Left Shift Operator in C
  16. Assignment Operators in C   
  17. Logical Operators in C
  18. Bitwise Operators in C   
  19. Modulus Operator in C
  20. Comma Operator in C   
  21. Operator Precedence and Associativity in C
  22. Increment and Decrement Operators in C
  23. Relational Operators in C
  24. Right Shift Operator in C   
  25. Ternary Operator in C
  26. Sizeof() Operator in C   
  27. Unary Operator in C
  28. More Concepts in C
  29. An Array of Pointers in C   
  30. Decision Control Statement in C
  31. Character Set in C   
  32. Factorial Programme in C Using Recursion
  33. Control Statements in C   
  34. Fibonacci Series Using Recursion in C
  35. Function Pointer in C   
  36. File Handling in C
  37. Input and Output Functions in C   
  38. Formatted Input and Output in C
  39. Library Functions in C   
  40. Function in C
  41. Loop Control Statements in C   
  42. Recursion In C
  43. Pointers in C   
  44. Recursive Function in C
  45. Structure in C   
  46. Storage Classes in C
  47. Tokens in C   
  48. String in C
  49. Type Casting in C   
  50. Introduction to Union in C
  51. Void Pointer in C

You’ll notice that the topics vary, and if you’re in this field, you’ll understand the amount of excitement that comes with learning. So, why not capitalize on the excitement? This is just one segment of the computer science course. The subject is too vast, and one needs to be fully dedicated when it comes to appearing in the exams like GATE.

Along with C programming, there are a few more important topics that you cannot miss, like database management systems, data structures, compiler design, and a lot more. All these topics are huge, and candidates need to cover each segment if they want to do well in the main GATE examination.

So, GATE candidates, we hope you have got an idea about the C programming in depth. Make sure you learn all the aspects of it and crack the exam with ease.

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