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Kavita Kundra is an Indian-American actress. She has a net worth of $ 270,000. She completed her high school education at a local London school and attended college at the University of London. She has been influenced by her father’s entrepreneurial skills from childhood. She married diamond merchant Raj Kundra in 2003. Since then, she has stayed in the UK. She is fluent in Hindi and has three children.

Her father was a wealthy diamond merchant. His alleged affair with Kavita made him jealous and eventually led to his divorce. The couple married in 2003, and he was the one who proposed to her. The marriage was a happy one for both of them, and the couple had a two-month-old daughter. In 2007, they separated and moved to England. However, Kavita continues to live with her father.

Kavita Kundra has been married twice. Her first marriage ended in dissolution. She has three children with Raj, one with the former husband and one with the former businessman. The second marriage lasted three years, and the two separated in 2006. Since then, Kavita has been single. She has no relationship with her ex-husband. She is not currently involved in any projects. She is busy dealing with her father’s business.

Despite the divorce, Kavita Kundra still has a boyfriend. She married Raj Kundra in 2003. The two had a child, Deleena Kundra, in 2006. The divorce was finalized in 2006, and she is currently living in London with her daughter Delina. The relationship ended in a bitter split, which she blamed on her ex-partner, Shilpa Shetty. Amid the divorce rumors, the actress is single and does not have a boyfriend.

Although her relationship with Raj Kundra is over, she remains close to him. The actress also has a daughter with him, Deleena Kundra. Despite her rocky past, her marriage with Raj has been successful, and she is currently living in London with her daughter Delina. The couple did not have a daughter, but their marriage was long and happy. In 2006, the couple divorced. Both of them were Hindus.

Kavita Kundra has a 7-bedroom mansion in St. George’s Hill, Surrey. She lives with her father but is not on social media. The divorce was legal in June 2006. She lives in a London apartment with her daughter. If she were to move to India, she would be able to marry her father and return to the UK. Her parents separated in 2002. Despite their differences, the couple remained in touch.

A talented student, Kavita Kundra has an impressive net worth of around two crore INR. She is married to Raj Kundra, an English businessman, after meeting him at a party. They have a daughter. They are divorced. She is the daughter of a rich British businessman, and Raj Kundra is a philanthropist. Both are involved in business in the UK.

Kavita Kundra is single and not married. She lives in London with her daughter and father. They do not have any children together. She is currently single. They are not married. It is possible that her husband has been cheating on her. If so, why? It’s possible that he is cheating on her. She was already having an affair with Raj at the time of their marriage. And the two divorce.

After her divorce, Kundra is single. She is not married. Instead, she is taking care of her father’s business in England. The marriage was not legal. In fact, the couple’s daughter was born in a different country. Ultimately, the two separated. She did not marry Raj after all, but she is living with her father. It was her husband who cheated on her, and she, later on, got married to her brother.

While she is not married, Kavita Kundra’s husband was not married to her sister. Until her divorce, he did not want to share his daughter with his ex-wife. The relationship ended in 2006. She has no children. Unlike many other women in the media, she is still single. She is currently single, but she has a husband. She is an actress who has worked in the film industry.

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